Ham-ham friends! Let's start the show! Join the team! Come on let's go! Little hamsters, Big adventures Hamtaro!

He leaves his cage when Laura's away The Ham-Ham friends all want to play But someone needs our help today  Hamtaro!

H-A-M-T-A-R-O He's the star of every show H-A-M-T-A-R-O

What's the word? Someone's in trouble? To the Clubhouse on the double! We'll make a plan and lend a hand Hamtaro!

It's [ticky-ticky, badda-badda] time to run We'll [kushi-kushi, diggy-duggy] get the job done [Hif-hif, khrmmp-khrmmp], all we need Is our favorite food-sunflower seeds!

H-A-M-T-A-R-O We'll work together, this I know H-A-M-T-A-R-O

Everybody's favorite friend His little paws he'll always lend We'll be together 'till the end Hamtaro! [kushi-kushi, badda-badda] [oopah, diggy-duggy] [hif-hif, ticky-ticky] HAM-TAR-O!