Vandalism NotesEdit

Here is a picture of my best friend, the description is in Spanish, of course. If you want to know why, it's because this page has not been edited since October 2012, and my username is Alonso9825.


I also want to tell you guys, about Candy Candy. Candy Candy is a Japanese anime that started since 1975, and the anime is WORST IN GALICIA, because I could NOT find episodes in GALICIAN!!! Therr are also other animes that might be better that this, such as Hamtaro, Heidi, Captain Tsubasa, or Speed Racer.

David Filo (the creator of Yahoo!) is the worst person anybody could ever meet, because HE keeps on putting inappropiate links (e.g. pornography, adult content, other stuff that is inappropiate). He needs to quit working on Yahoo!, because if he keeps on doing this, HE might NOT go to Heaven, and he also wants to make people NOT go to heaven, too. This is only if users turn SafeSearch Strict on the Yahoo! webpage.

Here is a picture of my favorite Spanish band called "Magneto", the song that they sing is "Vuela Vuela" (Fly Away, Fly Away).

File:Magneto - Vuela Vuela.jpg

Ok guys, I'm going to keep on editing whis Wiki, and I'm glad nobody will ever know about this, since the last active users were online on October 2012, this is the best Wiki in the world! Now, I will make other sections in this Wiki about stuff I want to share with everybody, and this means that Cabndy Candy wiki is going to be Vandalised by me (Alonso9825).