Oxnard (こうしくん, Okusunardu) is a tall, gluttonous hamster. He is Hamtaro's best friend and is the husband of Pepper.

Character EditEdit

Oxnard is a food-loving hamster, he is usually seen eating, and, like most of the hamsters, he is easily tempted by sunflower seeds, but seems to be more in a craze due to his large appetite. He is Hamtaro's first and best friend, and it is also a coincidence that their owners are best friends at school. Oxnard is a rather clumsy hamster but can also be a caring friend to Hamtaro. Although he goes on many adventures like the rest of the Ham-Hams, he doesn't seem to be as active as they are, having to visibly run slower than the others. He is usually seen with a sunflower seed in case he gets hungry. Oxnard is very loyal, and, despite being a coward, he can be very brave.

Relationships EditEdit

Pepper EditEdit

Oxnard and Pepper are official lovers. Oxnard first admitted his feelings in Oxnard's Big Crush. Oxnard loves her deeply, he loses weight for her, and later Oxnard stays at Dylan's farm with her. In the last episode, episode 296, "Happy Ham-Ham Wedding!" Oxnard and Pepper return to the Ham-Hams to announce they are getting married, and do so at the end with every Ham-Ham they have met invited (excluding ones only seen in OVAs, movies, and games).