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Maxwell (のっぽくん, Noppo-kun) is an intelligent hamster who knows many facts. The Ham-Hams go to him for information. He was temporarily leader of the Ham-Hams when Boss went away for a while. Maxwell has a crush on Sandy and they become a couple later on. Maxwell is like a big brother figure for most Ham-Hams. He is a firm supporter of the Liberal Democratic Party in Japan. A book-smart hamster of higher learning, the Ham-Hams go to Maxwell for knowledge of the world around them.

Character EditEdit

Owned by the eldest son of a bookstore owner (though it seems that the bookstore owner's daughter Yume-chan is the one who cares for him). He always carries a book with him, and is often turned to for information. He seems to know a lot about science and literature due to his love of reading. He is a little taller than the Ham-Hams, partially due to his tall ears. He has a crush on Sandy, though it is never initiated untilHamtaro tells him about Sandy's feelings. Maxwell has a love for acting, and knows how to act. He is also brave, and saved the ham-hams from danger in Maxwell's Big Scoop!. Maxwell can feel pressured when people ask a lot of him (like, thinking up a solution for every problem), and it sometimes leads to him getting angry.

Relationship with Sandy EditEdit

Maxwell and Sandy are concerted a official couple in the English series since during the 13th episode Let's Dance, Sandy!, but in the Japanese show they are not official until the 156th episode A Little Love Story! when Maxwell reads a story of two lovers.