"Well, Howdy-ho!"

Howdy (まいどくん, Maido-kun) is a lower-class, joke-loving hamster. He has awful humor skills and has a rivalry with Dexter mostly fighting over to win the heart of Pashmina. However, he is known to team up with him in times of struggle. He is a tidy, hard-working wise-cracker, who has an innate gift for financial matters. Never without his shop-apron, he can spruce up a room in minutes and not miss a chance to amuse others with one-liners along the way. Howdy lives in a convenience store. He is often seen with his trusty abacus.

Character EditEdit

Owned by Goldie. A Ham-Ham notorious for telling bad jokes (especially puns) at the worst possible times. He speaks with a kansai dialect in the Japanese version and with an American Southern accent in the English version. He and Dexter are long-time friends but often fight with each other over the affections of Pashmina, whom they both have a crush on. Howdy is never seen with his eyes open.

In Hannah is in Love! he is shown to have a strong affection for Hannah. He seems to have a big crush on her (bigger than his crush on Pashmina) and is very good friends with her (because they have known each other for a long time).