(The episode begins with Sonic sitting on top of Laura's roof top and part of the house that is until he decided to run off to go somewhere where he could see around the world of Hamtaro where he sees a lot of people everywhere and a lot of cats at fish alley and a lot of chickens and baby chicks in the farm and where he see the Ham Ham Clubhouse but when he got back to Laura's Haruna's house home of the Harunas and back to the roof top where he sleeps Amy Rose shows up and ask him how's it going)

Amy: Where'd you go?

Sonic: Just out!

Amy: He's so mysterious!

(Then we cut to the theme song of Hamtaro)

It's Hamtaro time! 

(Kushi-kushi-ticky-ticky WOO!)

Hamtaro!  When we work together it's much better!

My best friend! We like sunflower seeds. . .khrrmp khrrmp khrrmp.

My Ham-Hams! If she heads for trouble, we won't let her!


Little Hamsters, Big Adventures!

Laura's gone to school, let's go to our Ham-Ham Clubhouse!

We can fix their troubles just be quiet as a mouse.

Watch out for those cats, you know they're smarter than you think.

But if we work together, we can make their plans sink!


Snoozer, Howdy, Penelope, Panda, My best friends!

Oxnard, Bijou, Cappy, Maxwell, My Ham-Hams!

Dexter, Boss, Pashmina, Jingle, Hamtaro!

Little Hamsters, Big Adventures!

(Hamtaro's verse)  'scuse me while I work out, gotta run on my wheel. WHEEEEEEE!

Hamtaro! Hamtaro's here to help you!

Hamtaro! Hamtaro's team is for you!

HAMTARO!! Hehehe. 

Tittle: "SONIC AND HAMTARO" (Now we cut to Forrest Haruna who picked up the phone) 

Forrest Haruna: Haruna Residence. Yeah I'll get on right about a minute or too. (Hangs up the phone) I requested that I inform your mother and Kana's mother will be stopping by soon this afternoon, Pumpkin.

Laura: Wow, Dad. They're coming to see me and Kana!

Kana: What a nice surprise!

Laura: It's not even my birthday! Err... uh-oh...

Mr. Iwata: Is there something wrong, Laura?

Laura: No I'm all done. Can Kana and I go now?

Forrest Haruna: Yes. Go on ahead!

Kana: Sounds good. Come on, Laura! Let's go to the Farm. Mr. Phillip Yoshi and Charlotte Rooster are waiting for us!

Laura: Yeah! (She and Kana left to go out) See ya later, Dad!

Mr. Iwata: Something's up. (Cut to Hamtaro and Oxnard along with Tails and Amy in Laura's bedroom)

Hamtaro: We're going to the Ham-Ham Clubhouse so we want you two to be on your best behavior.

Oxnard: And stay out of sight before Laura and Kana's Moms show up this afternoon.

Tails: Gotcha, no problem!

Amy: Yeah sure! You can count on us!

Hamtaro: It won't be long. Laura's Mom only works at the flower shop so she'll be here any minute. Come on, Oxnard look alive!

[Sonic gets up and walks off without saying anything.]

Oxnard: Sonic? Is he mad at us?

Amy: Don't mind him!

Hamtaro: Come on, Oxnard! We're gonna be late for the clubhouse! All of us Ham-hams have to be there!

Oxnard: Ahh! Coming! (He and Hamtaro go through the bunk bed and through the hole and onto Laura's roof top and jumps up and slides down through the drain pipe by going in the air saying oompa and landed on Brandy's head and got off of Brandy's head and headed to the Ham-Ham Clubhouse)

Hamtaro: See ya, Brandy! (When Hamtaro and Oxnard got to the Ham-Ham Clubhouse on time, Boss makes an announcement as the other Ham-Hams listened to him while sitting around the table enjoying tea and sunflower seeds)

Boss: Ahem, I called you all here today that we were about to head to the farm all by ourselves without Sonic and the others following us in our ham adventures.

All Ham-Hams but Boss: We?

Hamtaro: The farm? Isn't that where Mr. Yoshi and Charlotte Rooster are along with the Chicks?

Bijou: Chicky Chicky Gang are the enemies of us Ham Hams!

Boss: That's why we're going to the farm today!

Oxnard: You don't think those baby chicks and those big chickens would be able to chase us around like last year don't we?

Pashmina: I hope not.

Penelope: Ookyoo.

Stan: Chicks can be pretty chirpy but they don't mess around with me! I'm the only one who outsmarted those little guys!

Sandy: Oh, Stan!

Dexter: How typical you outsmarted the chicks with your talents yet while we are in the clubhouse fire drill.

Howdy: Just think about it! We outsmart them once we'll outsmart them again! Shall we? (Chuckles)

Maxwell: Aw, Howdy. You and your comedy of jokes.

Panda: Besides, Some of Sonic's friends have to stay behind while we're out there in the farm. Let's get out of this joint and have ourselves some fun.

Cappy: Yeah!

Hamtaro: Panda's right. What are we waiting for!? Let's go to the farm!

All Ham Hams: Yeah!!!!! (Cut to Dr. Eggman and his fortress on the beach with Decoe and Bocoe by his side)

Dr. Eggman: Grr... I've got to think of something... err...AH! I've got to think of a way to conquer this planet! Perhaps the Chickens! Maybe one of my robots could brainwash the rodents so they love me and honor me and look up to me as a hero and they could persuade their chicken parents to accept me as their ruler!

Decoe: Here are your choices! (Passes the cards to Dr. Eggman)

Dr. Eggman: Hmm... Let's see here... This is a tough one! I'll let the machine decide! [Places the cards inside the slot and pulls down the handle.] Perfect!

[A robot like Hen emerges from the runway of the fortress and flies to Phillip Yoshi and Charlotte Rooster's Farm]

Laura, Kana, June, Kylie, Travis, Mimi and Maria: Hi, Charlotte Rooster!

[We see Charlotte Rooster and Laura and the others greeting them while their at the farm]

Charlotte: Well tan my fur people. You made it. Phillip Yoshi and I are taking care of the little chicks and the chickens back in the chick carrier. So while we are at it, here are a few other things left to do by feeding a lot of animals in the farm.

Travis: Whoa. Things are a lot to do in the farm.

Kana: This will be the day you and I will take turns feeding the chickens, Laura.

Laura: If you say so.

All Ham-Hams: (Saw Laura and the others)

June: Well it looks like it's time to get to work on the farm shall we?

Kylie: Let's do it.

Oxnard: Ohh... How are we going to get their attention without the Chicky Chicky Gang noticing we're here?

Hamtaro: Let's not worry about it. We're doing this for Sonic's shake. Come on. We better get Phillip Yoshi's attention. (They sneaked right passed Laura and the other while they are doing the work at the farm and when they got to the farm, The Robot Hen appeared as she is walking right near the Chicky Chicky Gang who's five are named; Marly, Jack, Mike and the other two chicks)

Marly, Jack and Mike and the other two chicks: Chirpy chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp chirpy chirp!

Robot Hen: Bawk bawk bawk bawk!!!

Marly, Jack, Mike and the other two chicks: (Hugs the Robot Hen who think they're her mother) Chirpy chirp! (Chuckles evilly. Scene fade to black)

Men Chorus: Gotta go faster faster faster faster', Sonic X! (Scene fades back to all the Ham-hams inside the barnyard where they see lots of farm animals especially chickens)

Bijou: I've always wanted to see one of the farm animals in the barn.

Oxnard: See any chickens?

Dexter: No. Everything's gonna be just fine and to get along with other animals.

Howdy: No chicks gonna make a fool out of us, Ham-hams. (Suddenly, Chicky Chicky Gang; Marly, Jack, Mike and the other two chicks along with the Robot Hen showed up inside)

All Ham-Hams: Huh?

Marly, Jack, Mike and the other two chicks: Chirpy chirp chirp chirp chirp chirrrrrrrrrrp!!!


All Ham-Hams: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! (Runs for their lives away from the Chicky Chicky Gang and Robot Hen)


Marly, Mike, Jack and the other two chicks: Chirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp!!!

Charlotte: Huh?

Laura: IS something wrong, Charlotte?

Charlotte: I could've swarn I've heard a scream.

Laura: I'll go see.

Kana: Me too. (Laura and Kana go inside the farm and saw the Chicky Chicky Gang and Robot Hen chasing the Ham-hams around)

Laura and Kana: Oaah!

Laura: Charlotte, look at this!

Charlotte: Well I bee darn tooting. Looks like we've got a Robot Hen getting along with my chicks. (Marly, Mike, Jack and the other two chicks and Robot Hen hopped onto Charlotte's arms and hugged)

Marly, Jack, Mike and the other two chicks: Chirp chirp!!!

Robot Hen: BAWWWWWWWK!!! (Cut back to Dr. Eggman in his fortress)

Dr. Eggman: I wonder if Robot Hen has successfully brainwashed those chicks into admiring me yet! I better look and see if it's going! Errgh, What's this?! What's the human doing with Robot Hen!

Decoe: Robot Hen sure is a hit with the chickens. They love her!

Dr. Eggman: He suppose to make the chicks love me! Not herself! (Then we cut back to Laura Haruna's house as her mom Marian Haruna and her friend Mrs. Iwata come back home)

Forrest and Mr. Iwata: Welcome home!

Marian and Mrs. Iwata: Thank you!

Willow Haruna: Hello there, Forrest and Marian! I'm here!

Forrest Haruna: Mom!

Mr. Iwata: Good to see you too, Willow.

Mrs. Iwata: Hello, Willow. How is everything going here at home?

Willow Haruna: It was wonderful. And how was Forrest doing stay home with my granddaughter Laura?

Forrest Haruna: Wonderfully well, now that the two of you are here. (Cut to Forrest, Marian, Mr and Mrs Iwata and Willow in the kitchen)

Marian Haruna: When does Laura ever get back home from her trip to the farm? (Cut to Tails and Amy hearing all this)

Tails: Forrest Haruna seems like a nice guy!

Amy: His mom is really pretty. Don't you think so, Sonic?

Sonic: Mmmpph...

Amy: Aw.. (Cut back to the Ham-Hams at the farm staring at the Chicky Chicky Gang and Robot Hen inside the barn)

Hamtaro: We ham-hams are gonna stand around staring you chicks all day and chasing us around the barn. Quit chasing us and let us be friends with you guys.

Marly, Mike, Jack and the other two chicks: Chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp!!


Bijou: Do you think she can translate to what she's saying, Hamtaro?

Hamtaro: Guess so. Let's see...


Hamtaro: She says she seems that the retro thruster with her beak aren't as rusty as she thinks! And she reminds her of the early days on the cricket field when she's no bigger than a laptop! (Just then Bokkun shows up)

Bokkun: Message for you!

All Ham-Hams: Heke?

Robot Hen: BAWK BAWK!?!

Maxwell: Who's that?

Bokkun: Doctor Eggman has a message for you.

Hamtaro: A Message?

Boss: We don't serve messages. Just who do you think you are anyway?

Oxnard: Can you tell us your name?

Bokkun: Bokkun! You hamster rodents are being rude to me! How would you like to visit the junkyard!?

Pashmina: I don't wanna go to the junkyard!

Bijou: Me nether, sir. It's really messy around this place. Is it?

Penelope: Ookyoo!

Sandy: And like it'll mess up my beautiful cute little tiger stripes and a bow.


Bokkun: Sure the doc said he's angry at you that those baby chicks are supposed to get stuck on her not you, bucket brain!


Stan: Allow me to translate that. Robot Hen says that use to be her mission. [Bokkun grunts angrily] But things have changed since then.

Bokkun: Huh, how come?


Dexter: Robot Hen has sent here to make Marly, Jack, Mike and the other two chicks admire Dr. Eggman but she found it more rewarding to be admired herself.

Howdy: He's right. Us Ham-hams are very good translaters to robots.

Bokkun: What?! You blown a circuit or something?! Don't you know Dr. Eggman will turn you into scrap metal, you barrel of bolts!

Marly: Chirpy chirp chirp chirp chirp?


Cappy: I'll take that translation. Marly here says to tell Robot Hen what's going on? Then Robot Hen says Dr. Eggman may do with her as he wishes but she refuse to abandon the students in her charge!

Jack: Chirpy chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp!

Panda: Jack says you're the greatest mama we ever know, Robot Hen. I wish all the chickens were as great as you are.

Mike: Chirrrrrrp!!

Other Two Chicks: Chirp chirp!!!

Sandy: So does Mike.

Stan: Same goes for the rest of the chicks.

Robot Hen: (Blushed) Bawwwwwwwwwwwwwk... (Makes crying sounds)

Bokkun: Stop crying and teach those chicks to admire Dr. Eggman! (Starts to cry) Now I'm crying! (Cut back to Dr. Eggman in his fortress)

Decoe: He's lost it.

Dr. Eggman: That crybaby! (Growls) They should like me! (Growls some more. Then we cut back to the Ham-hams and the Chicky Chicky Gang along with Robot Hen)

Hamtaro: Well we have to get back home. Laura's parents are waiting for us back at their house.

Oxnard: How come?

Hamtaro: Laura and Kana are coming home while we're back at the clubhouse with the rest of the chicky chicky gang. And our new friend Robot Hen.

Dr. Eggman: (Shows up) ROBOT HEN!!!

Hamtaro: Oh no. It's Doctor Eggman again!!!


Dr. Eggman: I bet you think you're smart for disobeying my orders, you transistorized traitor, but I'll fix you!

Robot Hen: BAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWK!!!!! (Hides behind the Ham-hams)

Boss: Translation; Robot Hen says you made her too chicken for her to program a robot like that.

Hamtaro: Huh, but what about what she said that a few minutes ago when you swore you'd never abandon the chicks no matter what Dr. Eggman threatened to do to her?

Dexter: She did say that did she?

Howdy: I heard all about it.

Maxwell: That chicken little of a robot like her I always say.

Pashmina: We all heard it!

Penelope: Ookyoo!

Stan: I suppose there's no way around it is there? What was we thinking for ham stake!? (Dr. Eggman Laughs)

Dexter: What's so funny?

Dr. Eggman: You really don't believe that sniveling circuit box plans to keep her promise! I'm ordering her to keep you and all other animals in detention where you will be forced to respect me!

Hamtaro: No way!

Oxnard: What a shake!

Dr. Eggman: Listen robot, unless you want to end up in a scrap heap, you will follow my orders!

Robot Hen: BAWK!!!

Hamtaro: Well we're not staying on the farm! We're going back to the clubhouse! (All the Ham-hams do so but the Chicky Chicky Gang and Robot Hen stopped them)

Robot Hen: (Spoke out loud) Not so fast!

All Ham-hams: Oaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Marly, Jack, Mike and the other two chicks: Chirpy chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp!

Robot Hen: They said you're staying in detention with the rest with the animals till Doctor Eggman dismisses you! (Scene fades to black)

Men Chorus: Gotta go faster faster faster faster', Sonic X! (Scene fades back to where Sonic is on Laura's rooftop house looking up in the sky as he decided to wait for the signal while we cut back to Laura's Parents and Kana's Parents in the living room)

Forrest Haruna: I wonder what's keeping Laura. She knows the two of you ladies are here to see her.

Mr. Iwata: I was thinking the same thing.

Willow Haruna: What if there's been an accident?

Mr. Iwata: I'm sure my security people would find out and contact me.

Marian Haruna: You're right. She and Kana have probably playing with their friends and simply hasn't notice the time.

Mrs. Iwata: I wonder what's keeping Kana. Dinner's almost ready!

Forrest Haruna: Perhaps we should go and look for her.

Willow Haruna: I'm sure that the Harunas and the Iwatas don't want Laura and Kana babied and treated different from the other kids! I'm sure they're fine.

Mr. Iwata: I'm going to look for the two ladies.

Mrs. Iwata: Now honey. Have some faith in your daughter.

Mr. Iwata: Huh, right. He's a level-headed girl and I'm sure there's a good reason why she's late. WE HAVE TO STAY CALM!

Forrest Haruna: (Talks in his head) (Boy he hasn't changed ever since he was a boy.) (Amy and Tails are worried too to know where The Ham-hams are)

Amy: I'm getting worried now, too!

Tails: Hey, Sonic!

Amy: Could you go look?

[Sonic runs off.]

(Now we cut back to the farm where every farm animal and the Ham-hams are in the cages even the Chicky Chicky Gang while they're being held by Robot Hen)

Robot Hen: The each and every one of you animals and chicks and hamsters are about to bow down the our royal and famous Doctor Eggman. As you all will be put inside and be robot-i-sized.

Dr. Eggman: Does this pose inspire you? Or how about something more dynamic!

Boss: Uggh, it doesn't matter how that man stands, he'll always look terrible!

[Sonic runs past the Ham-Hams and Chicky Chicky Gang, Eggman and Robot Hen causing the books to fly into the air.]

Hamtaro: Oaah!

Laura: Hey, what was that?

Kana: I don't know!

June: It'd look like a blue hedgehog we were talking about!

Kylie: Yes! He's fast!

Travis: Who is he?

Mimi: I'm not sure.

Dr. Eggman: Perhaps a pose as a champion!

Robot Hen: You mean a chump! You're so busy showing off you haven't noticed that we're under attack! (Sonic appears right in front of everyone on the farm)

Sonic: I'd always knew you were a poser, Eggman.

Hamtaro: Hey! It's Sonic!

Pashmina: He's come to save us!

Penelope: Ookyoo!!!

Bijou: Our hero!!!

Sandy: This is totally cool!

Dr. Eggman: (Growls) Robot Hen!!

Robot Hen: Yes, sir!

Dr. Eggman: Get rid of Sonic!

June and Kylie: Who's Sonic?

Kana: Wait a sec. It looks like the blue hedgehog we saw the other day!

Robot Hen: Yes sir, whatever you say!

[Robot Hen fires missiles at Sonic only for the hedgehog to dodge all of them and charge right into her body, destroying Robot Hen.]

Travis: Wow!

Mimi: He's tough!

Maria: No wonder we all see him. He's cool. Like the one we saw on T.V.

Dr. Eggman: Here, Sonic. Your prize!

Sonic: What prize?

Dr. Eggman: A little award for your victory! (Took out a sticker which is a picture that look like Decoe and Bocoe)

Sonic: I don't want a booby prize!

Dr. Eggman: Fine, you take it!

Laura: No thanks. Keep it!

Kana: Yuck. Who want that?!

Mimi: Nasty!

Dr. Eggman: Alright I'll wear it myself! Bye! [Jumps into the Egg Mobile and flies away.]

June: He's a weirdo!

Kylie: Yeah!

Laura: He could keep me after school for a million years and I still wouldn't admire him!

Sonic: You better hurry home, Laura. Your parents are waiting.

Laura: Oh that's right. We have to leave the farm. Well guys. Let's go home.

Maria: Don't forget our pet hamsters.

Kana: Oh yeah.

Laura: Come on, Hamtaro. We're going home. You two other hamsters.

All Ham-Hams: (Cheered and runs off exiting the farm and so does Sonic. Even Laura and the others are leaving the farm too)

June: He's so cool!

Kylie: Sure is!

Charlotte Rooster: Farewell. (Scene cut to Laura's house that night Laura and Kana headed back inside and saw their parents even Hamtaro and Oxnard followed them)

Laura and Kana: Hey Mom and Dad! We're home!

Forrest Haruna: My pumpkin!

Marian Haruna: I was so worried!

Mr. Iwata: I told your mother you could look after yourself but she wouldn't listen!

Laura: Sorry, we got held up at the farm.

Forrest Haruna: [Chuckles] Of course, there was absolutely nothing to be worried about! You know, when I was your age, I was kept after school a few times myself. [Chuckles]

Marian Haruna: Oh I'm sure Laura is better behaved than you, Forrest.

Willow Haruna: That's for sure! Actually, Laura you father was more worried about your absence then he lets off! Wasn't he, Mr. Iwata?

Mr. Iwata: Well, Forrest was concerned enough to phone the president of this world.

Mrs. Iwata: And Marian called all the DD networks to get it on the bulletin on the nineteen news!

Willow Haruna: Ugh. She didn't call all of them!

Tails: The Harunas and the Iwatas are a real nice family, don't they, Amy?

Amy: I'm glad Hamtaro and Oxnard made it back home on time!

Tails: Uh huh, it always feels good to be back at home!

[Sonic lays on the roof staring towards the night skies.]



[The Sonic X closing theme "Gotta Go Fast" (shortened) plays as the credits roll.]