E-102 Gamma is a character from Sonic X. He is a robot built by Dr. Eggman to capture Froggy with his brothers E-101 Beta, E-103 Delta, and E-104 Epsilon.


History EditEdit

[1]Amy sees Gamma's final moments.Gamma was created as one of the first of Dr. Eggman's E-100 Series, along with BetaDelta and Epsilon. After succeeding in capturing Froggy while the others failed, he was ordered to take away Lily, a little blue bird. Amy refused to hand her over, and the robot was stunned. He realized that he was just Dr. Eggman's tool. He rescued Amy and Lily, becoming her friend. Under Eggman's control, he attacked Sonic and then the hedgehog nearly destroyed him but Amy stopped him. Afterwards, Gamma deleted the image of him in his head. He then reprogrammed his brothers. After reprogramming Zeta on the Egg Carrier, Beta attacked him and they engaged in combat. Gamma eventually removed the Flickies inside them and they collapsed, "dying". Their hands were then put together in front of Amy (Japanese version only).

Sonic X also retells Gamma's storyline. This depiction is somewhat loyal to the game arc, almost down to a word for word re-enactment (though much of the game's dialogue is lost in the transition to the English dub), however rather than battling his brothers he finds them deactivated and uses a unique hacking device in his system to delete their master obedience program, and thus any need to hold their animal captives. This does not work on Beta however, who is still online and attacks Gamma. Gamma attempts to explain his fate to his brother and convince him to free himself but it falls on deaf ears and so, in a last ditch effort, he literally clashes with him, fatally wounding them both and 'freeing' their animal batteries. As they collapse and explode, their hands grasp into one anothers', as a touching final symbol of their unity. Unlike in Sonic Adventure, Amy sees Gamma 'die' and cries.

Like the other E-Series in Sonic X, Gamma's new voice was very high-pitched and according to fans unenthusiatic and drone like. Much criticism was given to the voices of the E-Series robots as the original voices from Sonic Adventure were relatively deep to a low medium range. Also in Sonic Adventure the robots spoke in a manner that while still being slightly robotic, was very intelligent and much more human than drone like.